Sunday, November 11, 2007

Surfing for passion

If all you ever had to do was surf the internet, what sites would you look for?

There are all kinds of books written about right livelihood and how to find your true passion. It occurs to me that surfing the internet might be the latest modern-day way to find your passion instead of reading self-help books for clues.

I can’t imagine anyone surfing the internet looking for sites on subjects they don’t care about. Try an experiment: make a list or log of the general subjects of the sites you visit, or of the subjects of the searches you find yourself running frequently.

The results will probably not surprise you—we all know what we like and want much more clearly than we think we do. But the list should also serve as a guide to what subjects you are are most interested in, even passionate about.

What does this have to do with making money on the internet with a blog? Simple. You make money by finding ways to attract a lot of readers to your site. You attract readers, in large part, by good writing. Interesting and entertaining writing. Writing about a subject you are passionate about will be interesting and entertaining without even conciously trying.

Try the experiment.

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