Thursday, November 1, 2007

Go out and get them!

I know you’re a good writer. Your blog is beautiful and well-laid-out. It is interesting and entertaining. You’ve got something to say, and it shows! Your blog is clear and properly monetized. So what’s the problem?

The problem is you are all alone.

You are writing classic stuff for nobody but yourself. No traffic. No visitors. No readers. Nada. No wonder you’re discouraged. Who needs this? You can walk downtown and get ignored with less work.

Psst. Listen.

GO OUT AND GET THEM! Stop sitting there staring at the screen and waiting for them to show up. DO SOMETHING! Hello?

Let me be more specific. Search the web for people who are interested in the niche subject you are blogging about. There are hundreds and hundreds of “communites” out there. Forums. Chat rooms. Kindred blogs. More than you could ever peruse and exhaust in a lifetime.

GO GET INVOLVED! Yes. I’m shouting at you. It’s called “networking.” It’s like asking someone to dance instead of just sitting there at the party. Get out there and expose yourself to your fellow bloggers. No, not that way. I mean get out there and talk to them. Ask questions. Answer questions. Make comments. Get a virtual life. Invite people home (to your website, that is.)

The choice is yours. You can continue blogging to the wind, or you can get out there and start dragging them back to your site! Why not?

Why not today?

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