Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Have a conversation

Successful bloggers always respect their readers.They treat them as equals, as friends; they don’t try to talk down to them. They value their comments, their input. Blogging is s two-way street. The content must be interesting, of course, but it is the comments that are often even more entertaining and enlightening.

Do everything you can to encourage your visitors to comment. You will get a lot of visitors who stop by and just lurk in the shadows. Think of ways to include these people and make them feel comfortable enough to make a comment to a post.

Think of things you can do and say to make your visitors feel at home on your site. If you can get them involved, if you can get them to participate in the conversation, they are almost sure to return again and maybe even become a regular reader.

Always keep your readers foremost in your mind when you write. Try to write in such a way so as to draw them into the subject. Ask questions. Lots of questions. After all, you don’t know it all.

Do you?

Try not to write as if you were on a platform giving a speech to an audience. Instead, pretend you are sitting in a circle, just having a conversation. Give your opinion. Then ask for their views. It is surprising how many blog posts seem like sermons instead of conversations. I am guilty of being like that—I get so enthusiastic about what I am saying, I forget to shut up every once and a while and listen to others.

I think if you can find a way to turn your blog into more of a conversation, you will be on the right track of making some good friends of your visitors.

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