Monday, September 10, 2007

Second way

The second main way to make money on the internet, selling somebody else's products, is a little less straightforward.
Selling the products of other people is called Affiliate Sales. **Affiliate Sales** are two words you need to add to your vocabulary if you are thinking about going into business on the internet. Millions seem to be doing it. Only about three are making any money. No, that's not exactly true (don't run away--come back here!), but it really does take work. Work, work, work. Now, most of the people who will be wanting to sell you their **Get Rich Quick on the Internet** books and manuals will tell you just the opposite. They will tell you there is no work involved at all. So perhaps I am just being stupid.

Anyway, Affiliate Sales, like the sales of your own products, can take place in real life or on the internet. In real life they call this being a traveling salesman or a newspaper publisher. Almost always it takes place on the internet, though. Basically it entails you setting up a website that is cute and catchy and putting advertisements on it. In essence, you become an online newspaper or magazine that advertises things for sale. Unfortunately, most would-be millionaires forget why people buy newspapers and magazines. It is because they have something inside them besides ads.

On the internet, though, it takes more than just having an interesting or clever website. You have to know how to play the Search Engine game. Oh!--it boggles the mind!

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