Thursday, September 27, 2007

Making tracks

Just so you don’t lose sight of your goal, the purpose of getting other people to link to you is to increase the number of visitors to your website. The purpose of getting more visitors to your site is to get more people to take the desired action with regards to the products or advertisements on your site.

I wonder if it has ever occured to you how important it is for you to get in the habit of regularly commenting on other people’s blogs? We all go out and read other people’s blogs. We look for tips on how to do things better. We scrutinize the layout of their site. We want to copy success. That’s good. But too often all we do is read and look at these other blogs--and use their ideas without “paying” for them.

I would advise that you start leaving a trail for others to follow you home. Start commenting. Do make your comments short and do make sure your comments are relevant to the original post. If all you do is give yourself a commercial, you will soon wear out your welcome.

Many of us dream of how good it would be if we could get some of these successful blogs to link to us. Many of us can’t afford to actually advertise on these sites, though. That may be true in terms of cold hard cash, but there are other ways to pay your way.

One of those ways is to contribute to the progress and enrichment of the other person’s blog content. That is to say, you should make pithy helpful comments. In return, it is not unreasonable that the source of your information, your own website, be mentioned in return. No overt commericals, though. Include your link either in the specific place the blog owner has provided, or somewhere else, smoothly, in the flow of the text of the comment.

Short. Sweet. Interesting. Helpful. A good way to make friends in high places.

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