Monday, September 10, 2007

First way

Already I have concluded that there are only two main ways a person can make money on the internet. You either sell a product or you sell somebody else's product.

Well, that seems obvious, but I never really thought of it quite that way before. It sounds simple. Apparently it's not, though, or else we would all already be rich.

The first one is pretty straightforward, like having your own store down on the corner in Yourtown, USA. Here's how that works: you rent a building for your store, you stock the store with merchandise, you hire employees, you advertise. Customers come into your store, they buy, you get rich. Easy, right? Sure.

You can do the same thing on the internet if you've got something to sell. Your business address is the domain name of your website; the merchandise you sell can still be pretty much anything you want to deal in; you advertise; your customers look at pictures of your merchandise instead of the real thing; they buy online; they can't carry it home from your store, so you ship it to them; you get rich. In the old days before the internet, even before they had computers, they had a name for this: mailorder.
Don't take this lightly. It works for zillions of people on the internet, from Walmart down to Mom's Gift Shop. It really, really works. (Did I mention you have to advertise?)

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