Saturday, September 22, 2007

Linking to quality websites

In addition to relevant content, another thing the search engines like to see are quality links. Quality links tell the search engine that people find your site interesting, and are returning and even recommending it to their own visitors. That’s good.

But don’t fall into the “link exchange” trap. If hundreds of unimportant low-traffic sites link to you, so what? Quantity is not nearly as important as quality when it comes to sites linking to you. In fact, quantity is not that important at all. Do what you can to induce good quality sites which have high traffic to link to your website. Again, this is accomplished by offering relevant content and interesting content.

If you write a good article on a subject of wide interest, don’t be afraid to call it to the attention of the webmaster of a large website with a similar audience demographic. Ask him to consider linking to your article. Be polite. Don’t be annoying by writing to him everyday.

Links from quality sites are helpful in your ongoing struggle to optimize your search engine rating. Of course, the link itself will also bring you some new visitors. Make sure your house is clean before they arrive.

Be nice. Try to make friends with other webmasters. Be willing to help each other. The alternative is to stay up all night trying to implement scams. Why bother, when it is so easy and more fun to do it right?

Quality content. Quality links. Be nice. Make friends.

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