Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Steering by the wake, not

So you start with a plan.

Just slip out the back, Jack
Make a new plan, Stan
You dont need to be coy, Roy
Just get yourself free

The great Paul Simon said it so well, didn’t he? He wasn’t talking about blogging, but the words still apply.What do you want to accomplish? If you were a total success today, what would your website look like and what would be happening? Start with creating a general, preliminary, mission statement or an objective. Write it down. Make it only one sentence long. State your purpose or desired end result. Start the sentence with the word “to.” It might look like this:

"To earn a living on the internet by creating an interesting blog about _________, which is properly constructed and monetized so as to attract a large readership of people who are also interested in _________."

Or, it might short and sweet, and look something like this:

"To create a blog about _________ for the purpose of interacting with like-minded people."

A textbook mission statement would be all-inclusive of the essential points and elegantly concise and direct to the point. But I ‘m not asking you to create a corporate mission statement, or even one that encompasses each and every one of your desires in one sentence. Instead, I am using this exercise as a tool to get you to start putting your thoughts on paper in such a manner as to begin to clarify, in your own mind, what you want to accomplish.

If this format is awkward for you, then just make a list of things you think you would like to accomplish with your new blog, and another list of things you think you would like to see included in the format of your blog.

Above all, don’t just start out, sink or swim, by inflicting your disjointed thoughts about life on others. Think it through. Don’t start until you can clearly explain it to yourself. Make a plan, Stan.

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