Sunday, October 28, 2007

If you can’t fight them...

I used to get upset at the supposedly honest and upright people with legitimate info-packed high-traffic blogs who allow that get-rich-quick crapola to be advertised on their websites. You’ll even see a bunch of that false advertising on Google Adsense. And then I thought about it, and I don’t get QUITE so upset anymore. If Google and others can find a way to take some bucks back from these preditors...hey! Why not?

Of course, the money to pay for that Google (and other) advertising initially came from poor suckers like you and me, but that’s our problem for being gullible, right? I don’t know. It still doesn’t seem right somehow. I guess I’m even doing it myself—at least by proxy. I run Google Adsense advertising widgets on my website, and I’m sure Google has plastered plenty of this opportunistic false advertising in them. If they haven’t already, they sure will now that the keywords for this junk has appeared in my posts. I give up. What can you do? Sometimes you feel like just joining them. For now, I’ll keep trying to resist the temptation. As much as I can. Character counts. At least for a few people. [Not Google.]

Caveat Emptor, eh?

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