Monday, October 29, 2007

It's all about information

Above all else, the internet is about information. Finding information, selling information, sharing information. Make sure that some aspect of this basic fact is included in each of your blog posts.

Providing some sort of information “niche” is a great way to attract return visitors as well as first-timers. Look around the web: you will see sites that give sports scores, weather forecasts, schedules for this or that event, or just plain gossip about a particular niche topic.

The point is, if you keep hacking away at your particular niche area of interest long enough, you will begin to rank with the search engines on that subject. That’s good from a new visitor standpoint. Then, make sure your content is interesting and entertaining (or useful, if you are trying to provide a specific service) and that will help you bring them back again and again. Always be trying to build that base of “core” site visitors that form your “regular readership.”

Search the web to get ideas on what other people are doing. Find out what successful blogs are doing, even if they are not exactly in your area of interest or expertise. Don’t steal from them—simply incorporate their general ideas into your website. Variations on themes is a big part of what makes the world go ‘round.

The internet is huge. The search engines are easy to use. If you run out of ideas to try, or run out of writing ideas for your blog, then shame on you!

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