Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Early to bed, early to rise...

Mailing out catalogs and advertising flyers is (of course) a euphemism for suggesting that you continue to advertise all the time, even though your mail order store is on the internet instead of in a mall. Although direct mail will still bring customers to your website.

The point is, don’t just sit there and wait until nothing happens for so long that you go out of business. Spend some money on advertising. Adwords. Popular websites that you can afford. And leaving bread crumbs all over the internet on the sites you visit.

Why do some people assume that just because their store (or affiliate catalog) is on the internet, they are magically exempt from advertising their business?

What rhymes with “rise”? Go back to the beginning and read the title of this post. Ah, yes.

Early to bed
Early to rise
Work very hard


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