Thursday, March 6, 2008

Making money basics: traffic

Just as there are three major ways to earn money on the internet, there are also three ways to get lots of visitors to your website:

1. Advertise
2. Advertise
3. Advertise

This is not meant to be insulting to you; it is meant to focus your attention.

How many ways are there to advertise? A heck of a lot more than three. A heck of a lot more than Google Adwords.

In short, pretty much every single thing you can think of to do which will somehow serve to publicize your website falls under the general category of advertising. A lot of the things on the following list are things you very likely do already. Maybe you just haven’t thought of them as being “advertising.”

Adwords bidding (I didn’t say not to do it, just that it isn’t the only way to advertise.)

Visiting other websites and commenting.

Syndicating your content.

Creating a topical and informative newsletter.

Forcing yourself to join some social networking websites.

Making a list of relevant forums and being a regular contributor.

Pay for advertising space on popular websites, at least as popular as you can afford.

Write free PDF downloadable informational ebooks.

Be a teacher. Set yourself up as an authority on something. (You are, you know.)

Finally, make sure your website is attractive, informative, entertaining, and fun to visit. Unless you are selling used cars, respect your audience by leaving out the audio, the popups, and the unutterably despicable sticky regenerating exit windows. If you happen to be selling cars, new or used, then the above is ok, because you don’t respect your audience anyway.

Are there more? I haven’t even scratched the surface. Use these to jog your thinking about more.

More importantly, DO them.


Troy said...

All great points! It's surprising how many people underestimate the power of commenting on blogs, and other forms of social media advertising that add value. In order to get people to visit your content, you have to show them something valuable elsewhere. That's the way of the new web, and only a huge ad budget can change it.

MoneyBlog said...

Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.Tanks

Relax Max said...

Thanks moneyblog. I like yours too.

By the way, I just started a new blog yesterday. Much different subject than this one. If you aren't easily offended, I would appreciate a visit and your input. You too, Troy. This is only the second day for it. It is

Thanks again for the comment.

droach75 said...

As a new blogger I am finding this really interesting. I have already submitted and published a couple of articles (How To Make A Pizza & Isaac Hayes) on I read somewhere that it was a good way to improve traffic flow to my blog. Hopefully it is working, I would welcome any feedback.