Saturday, March 1, 2008

Making money basics, part 2

1. Making money selling your own products or services means you ship the product yourself or perform the service yourself. “Yourself” includes dropshipping and 3rd party fulfillment, but the point is that you are the person who is responsible for seeing to it that the customer gets the product they paid for.

2. Making money selling the products and services of others means “Affiliate Marketing.”

3. Selling eyes means Pay Per Click (PPC) banners or widgets on your website, or selling advertising spots on your site outright.

There are variations and combinations, but those are the basic ways to make money on the internet. All of them require visitors to your website (or blog) in large numbers. That’s why I said in the last post that the question of how to make money on the internet is really a question of, “How can I induce a lot of people to visit my website.”

The way you lay your blog or other website out, in ways that are attractive and interesting, which at the same time give the visitor a clear and easy way to buy something, is called “monetization” or “monetizing your site.” Your monetization should not be offensive or even intrusive and should, as much as possible, blend right in smoothly with your editorial content. Blogs which do not have ads of any kind are not monetized. Blogs which do have ads ARE monetized. Needless to say, a blog can be monetized poorly or it can be monetized effectively.

Next: getting people to come to your blog to see all your great stuff.


Troy said...

Glad to see you're posting again. I've been a subscriber to this blog for a while, and I really like your use of images in each post.

Can I suggest trying to move out of Blogger... I noticed you don't get many comments even though your content is good, and having a self-hosted blog (even if it's on free hosting) would probably make it easier to promote yourself.

Troy -

Relax Max said...

Thank you for leaving a comment, Troy. And thank you for subscribing. I'm flattered.

This particular blog gets more comments than is evident. Most are moderated out as not being particularly germane to the post being commented upon. Some, like yours, are interesting enough to be included, though.

If you are tired of reading about "How to make money on the internet...", please consider browsing my other blog YummyBiscuits dot com. Sadly, I've redirected that one to Blogspot as well. (That's a joke, Troy. Just messing with you. Thanks again for the comment.)

Troy said...

I had been wondering how many comments you actually got, it seemed like there should be more due to the quality of your content. I particularly like the way that you don't waste readers' time by posting until you've got something worth reading, I myself don't always follow this rule.

By the way, is this NetMax systems or MetaMax systems, because the name is different on your feed and the site.

Relax Max said...

Hello Troy. I don't mean to imply that this blog gets a huge amount of comments, and that I just don't run them. But we do get several that, I promise you, would not interest you or anybody else. And you're right--I have stopped blogging every single day, just because the blogging manual says that's what one should do. That isn't a good enough reason.

The name of the company is NetMax Systems. The name of the website is The blog for that website, which you are reading now, is

I haven't been able to duplicate what you mentioned about your feed. I use Google Reader, and it seems ok on that. But I was messing around with my feedburner preferences yesterday, and I may have screwed something up. I will check it out again. Thanks again for your interest in my blog..

Troy said...

Ah, the old spam comment. I get mercifully few of these being on my own little corner of the web and using an uncommon blog engine, but it must be truly terrible on such a popular network as Blogger.

The feed seems to get that title only in Live Bookmarks. I have recently switched from live to Google Reader, in which there is no title for the feed but a "..", however the live bookmark subscription is from a while ago and it's possible that I simply typed it in wrong for some reason :).

Best of luck with blogging, I'll be checking back!